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The Mental Health Team aims to support communities navigating healing strategies from ongoing stressors. Awareness of and attendance to the social determinates of racialized women’s mental health – poverty, food security, immigration status, history of violence, racism, and other intersecting factors all play an integral role in creating successful client care pathways and outcomes. Our stance reaffirms the importance of empowering communities, renouncing racism, honouring inter-sectionality, and person-centred pathways to healing. Registered clinicians provide system navigation, advocacy, individual therapy, group programming, and deliver workshops throughout the community. Our priority populations have endured many of the following in the past year; grief, depression, anxiety, poverty, negotiating safety in workplaces, fear related to the pandemic, extreme harm caused by anti-Black racism, and other mental health challenges. Throughout the pandemic, the mental health team has been providing care using virtual means (phone and video) to continue providing needed care and supporting clients in the midst of adversity.

If you do decide to donate to us, we have an account with Canada Helps and you can send donations to https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/womens-health-in-womens-hands/